Exploring Film Criticism with my Newfound Perspective

As I am coming to the end of my semester filled with watching and analyzing films, I am, first off extremely thankful for such an amazing and eye opening opportunity to learn from someone with the amount of knowledge that Noel Manning has. This course has completely altered the way that I look at anything regarding media. Whether its films or tv, my brain has now been shifted into a mode of looking at the more technical aspects of things that I watch. Before this course, I simply just watched any and all film just simply for the entertainment purposes, and if I saw a film trailer that didn’t look good to me, odds are, I wasn’t going to go see that film. Now, even if the film trailer or film reviews do not interest me, I am more inclined to view the film and go into it with an open mind, not taking in any baggage, and sometimes I end up being surprised and enjoy the film.


There are specific elements of film that have always stuck out to me when I am watching something, but now after learning all the information I have learned about film and all different aspects of it, these aspects that I have always been drawn towards are still the key things I am drawn towards, but I have a much deeper understanding and can analyze things better and enjoy the film even more for those reasons. These elements that stick out to me the most are cinematography layout, and editing of a film. Being a photographer/videographer, I am very articulate in my work, and I tend to look at films in theaters and analyze how the scenes are set up, or how the editing and cuts of clips are put together.


Film has always had my appreciation, and I love to see different stories, but something that I have recently come to appreciate more than I used to, was just how much time goes into making films. Everything starts out with just a simple idea and someone’s head, and seeing scores of people come together to bring that little idea to life has really shocked me. From the cast, to the director and producers, to the camera people and crew, and even the people who simply bring food to set, it is astonishing to see how much everyone is able to put in to work towards a common goal and see a project through.


This class has really been an eye opening experience, and it has given me a deeper appreciation for the success and evolution of the art form that we know and love as cinematography.It has encouraged me to make sure my work is the best it can be, and has allowed me to look at things from a different view, and bring that into my own life.

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