Who’s the boss baby?

The Boss Baby, directed by Tom McGrath, and staring Alec Baldwin is an animated film about family and the power that love plays into family. This film follows the story of Boss Baby, as he is sent on a mission, leaving his desk job behind at Baby Corp., the place where babies come from, and try and protect the company from the evil doings of Puppy Co. Little did boss baby know that his mission would turn into so much more when he met his family and his holder brother. This DreamWorks animated film provides a unique story as to where babies come from, and what their “jobs” are.


My favorite scene of the movie was the scene of reuniting boss baby (Alec Baldwin) with the family he was assigned for his secret mission, all thanks to the help of his now older brother Tim Templeton (Miles Bakshi). Alec Baldwin, who played boss baby, easily gave the best performance of the film. This film is not the absolute most perfect film I’ve seen, but it certainly isn’t the worst film I’ve seen. This is my favorite film I have seen by Tom McGrath, seeing as it differs from his usual works such as the Madagascar films. This film involves human characters as the main characters of the film and show the struggles that both boss baby, and his brother Tim, go through as they get adjusted to life together.


Writers Michael McCullers and Maria Frazee provided 3 interesting characters in this film. At the center of the film, you can look at the relationship between boss baby and his bother Tim. Their interaction and developing relationship really blossoms over the course of the film. Another interesting character to look at is the CEO of Puppy Co. Francis Francis as he plots to destroy Baby Corp. This film, although in a make believe world, left me feeling both sad at points, and filled with joy at other points. The voices felt real, and drew me into the story from the beginning. Narrated by Tobey Maguire, who plays the older Tim, this film drew me to the relationship of the siblings, and made me think back to when my younger sisters were born and the changes that took place as I went from an only child to having siblings. Alec Baldwin did an outstanding job going out of his normal, and portraying an animated baby.


The funny dialogue, amazing animation style and crazy action scenes kept me entertained throughout the duration of this film, and I even caught onto some of the adult humor the writers threw in there which made the film even more enjoyable. I give this film an A.

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