What Film Means to Me

Hello all! My name is Drew Peden and I am a senior at Gardner-Webb University! Welcome to my brand new blog where I will be reviewing movies of all sorts of genres! Before I dive into film anymore, I would love to tell you a little more about me! I am a photojournalism major here at GWU with a minor in Film/Video. I am also a part of the Gardner-Webb Swim Team! I am from Spartanburg, SC and I have lived there my whole life!

As you may be able to tell by my picture above, photography is my greatest passion and i’m so thankful i have the opportunity to turn that into my career! Now with me always having a camera in hand, I have a deep respect for movies and movie producers and the great lengths that they go to in order to get the success that they have. My first experience I remember of any film was growing up was watching The Iron Giant on VHS in my living room. Ever since that day, i have loved movies and film and watching all different types of movies whether its going to the cinema or seeing whats new on Netflix.

Now out of my 21 years of living, i have seen a ton of movies, but thankfully, i think i have narrowed it down to my top 3 favorite movies of all time! After a lot of consideration and rewatching of a lot of movies, I am proud to announce that my top 3 favorite movies are: Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Inception. Little did i know, but after further research into my favorite movies, i realized that they were all directed by Christopher Nolan. To me, these movies not only have the best cinematography, which is huge to me, but they also have the best scores, which in my opinion, makes a film all the better! Below, i have attached the cover photo for each of my favorite movies, along with the official trailer. These movies were directed perfectly in my opinion, and they are what keep me wanting to go back to see more movies.

Written by: Drew Peden

Date Published: 8/27/18

Interstellar Official Trailer

Dunkirk Official Trailer

Inception Official Trailer

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