Story Evaluation: Schindler’s List

The film tells a story unlike any other story. Based on a true story, Schindler’s List tells the true story of a Mr. Oskar Schindler who is a business man striving to make a fortune during WW2. Schindler joins the German Nazi Party and pushes to open up a ceramics factory in the ghettos in which all the Jews were forced to move into. After some time, Schindler’s Jews get sent off to a concentration camp, and he struggles to bring them back to work in his factory. To the Jews, working for Mr. Schindler means salvation and a safe haven from being killed by the Nazi guards at the concentration camps. As the story continues, most all of the Jews have started to be killed. Schindler realizes the horrors of what is going on at the camp, and pushes to open a factory in the camp to give his workers a safe haven. Eventually, the Jews are to be sent to Auschwitz and many of them killed, but Schindler comprises a list of Jews he deems to be vital to his operation at the factory, and essentially rescues them from being  slaughtered. This film is a very story driven film, and has a way deeper meaning than most films. Being based on a true story, this film shows the real hardships the Jews faced and how poorly they were treated. The director of this movie, Steven Spielberg produced this movie in black and white to portray the darkness and seriousness of the plot of this story. This story, for many, is very important seeing as how the majority of this was true, and Oskar Schindler, while seen to most as a Nazi, was seen as a hero or liberator to those that he saved. All of the characters had an impact in one way or another. Even those characters that we didn’t necessarily meet or know anything about them, they still provided some intel on the seriousness of the situation. Take the girl in the red dress for example, besides the flame at the beginning and end of the film, she was the only character who had any sort of color. Spielberg did this based on the words that the real life Oskar Schindler had told. There was a little girl in a red dress, and to me, by Schindler, the protagonist in the story, seeing the path of that young girl, his character went from what he thought was a business man just striving to make money and taking advantage of the situation, to someone who wanted to work for the greater good and rescue as many Jews as he could. In the situation of this story, most of the characters who had any importance in the film were flat characters. We didn’t know a whole lot about any of them, other than their present situation.


This whole story was a character vs character struggle. The Jews were in a constant struggle against their oppressors who sought to control their lives, and ultimately exterminate their race. Now while there was more specific conflict that occurred, that was the base plot of the conflict. There was also some conflict between Schindler and the head of the concentration camp to me precise. All the leader of the camp wanted was to kill the Jews even if they were doing nothing wrong. Schindler on the other hand, saw the wrong doing and treatment he was giving the Jews and sought to change the situation.


The focus of this film was the story by a long shot. While where was a general plot throughout the film, the story is what really told the message and what really made the film in my opinion. The story was so real and true and straightforward about everything that went on, and it didn’t leave anything to question. Everything about this film was dramatic, with a few funny parts to lighten the mood, but it was a very serious topic and was expressed extremely well.


To me, the weakest part of the film was the length of the film. I love movies, and I love long movies, but at over three hours, this film did have a few dry spots that could have been fixed and shortened to make the film a little shorter. Don’t get me wrong, the film was an amazing watch and I loved every second of it, but at one point, it seemed to drag out more than it needed to. I thought the film was amazing and I loved the true message behind it and I loved how this real life event was portrayed in such a dramatic way. I view this film as a historical drama, with a lot of real and true facts about the actual event, but some things were probably scripted and added to create extra effect and emotion. I feel as if this film is for people who like history and want to know more about this very true event. I love history seeing as my mother is a history teacher, so this film was a great insight into what I have been previously taught about history. This film should be viewed by people who feel mature enough to see such graphic images such as shootings and death and nudity, and for anyone who may be interested. I do not feel as if this film is suitable for young children, due to the graphic nature and higher level of facts spoken about throughout the film. I am giving Schindler’s List an A.

What Film Means to Me

Hello all! My name is Drew Peden and I am a senior at Gardner-Webb University! Welcome to my brand new blog where I will be reviewing movies of all sorts of genres! Before I dive into film anymore, I would love to tell you a little more about me! I am a photojournalism major here at GWU with a minor in Film/Video. I am also a part of the Gardner-Webb Swim Team! I am from Spartanburg, SC and I have lived there my whole life!

As you may be able to tell by my picture above, photography is my greatest passion and i’m so thankful i have the opportunity to turn that into my career! Now with me always having a camera in hand, I have a deep respect for movies and movie producers and the great lengths that they go to in order to get the success that they have. My first experience I remember of any film was growing up was watching The Iron Giant on VHS in my living room. Ever since that day, i have loved movies and film and watching all different types of movies whether its going to the cinema or seeing whats new on Netflix.

Now out of my 21 years of living, i have seen a ton of movies, but thankfully, i think i have narrowed it down to my top 3 favorite movies of all time! After a lot of consideration and rewatching of a lot of movies, I am proud to announce that my top 3 favorite movies are: Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Inception. Little did i know, but after further research into my favorite movies, i realized that they were all directed by Christopher Nolan. To me, these movies not only have the best cinematography, which is huge to me, but they also have the best scores, which in my opinion, makes a film all the better! Below, i have attached the cover photo for each of my favorite movies, along with the official trailer. These movies were directed perfectly in my opinion, and they are what keep me wanting to go back to see more movies.

Written by: Drew Peden

Date Published: 8/27/18

Interstellar Official Trailer

Dunkirk Official Trailer

Inception Official Trailer