What does family mean to you?

A Quiet Place follows actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as they, along with their children, try to survive after creatures from another planet invade. The only catch is, they must do it without speaking a single word. With little backstory, other than the scenes of old newspapers, all we know as the viewers is that these creatures are dangerous and attach literally anything and anyone that creates noise. While this film may appeal to most as a horror film filled with monsters and plenty of jump scares, the underlying storyline discovered throughout the film is a father who will do whatever it takes to protect his family from this global disaster and invasion, all while trying to live as normal of a life as possible. Based around family, this film is a small cast made up of only 6 cast members known as the Abbott family. The Abbotts truly go through their ups and downs in this film, and provide the message that family is the most important thing there is.


The main conflict, which is quite clear, is that the Abbotts must remain quiet, in order to prevent an attack from these murderous monsters. Another conflict that we learn from very on, is that Mrs. Abbott, amidst the chaos of this crazy event, is with child. This brings forth a whole new level of tension and nervousness as she deals with the effects of being pregnant, SILENTLY. While mainly a silent movie with the first spoken words not coming in until nearly 40 minutes into the film, A Quiet Place takes a unique direction of using sign language as a form of communication. This really shed light on the film, while also casting Millicent Simmonds, a true deaf person, making it unlike any horror film that has been made. The films lighting and scenes fit perfectly with the intensity of each and every moment, and this film was an overall success.


Written, directed and staring John Krasinski, this film focuses on the importance of family, and how to overcome obstacles unlike any other. With a rating of PG-13 for some bloody images and scenes for terror, this film is surly a film for a family with children of the appropriate age to enjoy. The message behind everything provides a great life lesson. I give this film an A.



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