My Family Video Experience

Hey everyone! Drew Peden here,

I had an experience the other day that I have not experienced in at least 5 years. I made a trip down to the Family Video store in Shelby, NC. Now you may ask yourself how is this even still a thing with Netflix and online streaming services taking over the world? Well here in the town of Shelby, there is still a walk in movie rental store, much like Blockbuster, in which you drive to the store, walk around and look at tons of different movies and rent the one you want to watch and then you return it to the store when you’re done watching it. Usually stores like this give you a few days to watch it and return it in case you are saving it for a date or even just wanting to watch it multiple times. There is a Family Video in my home town of Spartanburg, SC so I was not shocked when I went into this one, it looks pretty much the same.


This experience of actually entering a store and having a physical copy of the movie or movies in your hand, is way better satisfying to me. Not only are there more options to choose from than the streaming services, but there are also newly released movies that find their way into the Family Video store weeks or even months before it is possibly released on Netflix. The majority of the movies that come out now are hardly put on Netflix, and if they are, it takes months on end for it to actually happen. I truly feel like physical video stores like Family Video still survive due to multiple reasons. Yes, this is a day and age of technology and online streaming, but there is still a large population of poor people in this country and on this earth who cant afford a streaming service, so for them, going to a video store and getting things to watch is their only means of seeing films. Also, there is a population myself included, who is very into the retro aspect of things, including a video store. I feel as if people born before 2000 understand this, and realize that growing up as a kid, nothing was more fun than going into a video store picking out a few movies or even video games at some stores, maybe grabbing a few snacks like popcorn or candy, taking it home, and having a movie night with your family or friends. In my opinion, video stores like this are still relevant and sometimes the only means of options, and I stated the consumer base film stores like this might reach. I really enjoy the “old school” way of walking into a store not knowing what ill find, and possibly even picking out a movie or 2 that you’ve either never heard of, or that you wouldn’t normally watch or even be able to find on a streaming service. Overall, I enjoyed my time visiting Family Video, and I will most likely be returning to pick out a few films to watch on a date.


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