50+ Years old interview

Hey guys! Drew Peden here,

For my assignment I interviewed my father. My father is Thomas Edward Peden (Eddie for short), and he is 56 years old. My father has lived in the Upstate of South Carolina his entire life, and for as long as I’ve been alive, multiple times a year, my father would take my entire family to see new movies coming out! My father loves movies of all sort, and while I wouldn’t classify him as a film junkie, he has collected over 500 DVDs over the years that I’m pretty sure we have all watched together at some point. My dad is very old school, and my family still owns a VHS player with a collection of about 80 VHS tapes from the years. I decided to sit down with my dad over the weekend and ask him a few of the questions that were listed for use. So with that, ill jump right into our interview about his experience with movies.

1)What was one of the first films you remember watching in theatre?

The very first movie I watched was when I was around 6 years old. I remember my mother and grandmother taking me to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I saw it at the drive in theatre In my moms mustang. We had to crack our window and have a sound box hanging on our window as we watched the movie and ate popcorn!


2) What do you remember about those early film experiences?

I always looked forward to watching movies at both the drive in and movie theatre. My family didn’t get to go all that often, but when we did, I loved being able to go sit and watch comedies or any movie my mom would take me to see. The food was typical as all movie theatres, with popcorn and soda, and if I was good enough that week, I may have even gotten to get some sort of candy. The theatre we went to the most was the local one down the street from my house and I felt like I was in a different planet sitting in those chairs watching and laughing and having a good time.

3) Did you ever go to Drive-In Movies when you were younger? What do you remember about those?

Drive-Ins were the first kind of movie I ever went to. Those were always my favorite movie experiences because it meant I got to stay out late, and I got to eat lots of popcorn and I never had to leave to comfort of my mother’s car.


4) How often do you go to theatres now to see films? How different is it now than when you first experienced films in theaters? What do you attribute the changes to?

Well now that I am an adult, working full time, I don’t get to go to movies as much as I used to in my high school days when I was able to drive on my own and not work. Now, I try and take my family to the movies at least 10 times a year. We mainly go on big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we do try and go their times just so we can get out and go see something new! We go see movies a lot more than I used to growing up, but not as much as I used to as a teen. This is because of our crazy schedule and me being at work most of the time.

5) Any other comments about your movie experience/history that you think is important, or that you’d like to share?

The movie going scene, while at its base hasn’t changed all that much, theatres have gotten a lot more modern and high tech with better quality movies and even 3D. The only real thing that has changed dramatically is the prices. Never in my life would I have ever thought a single movie ticket would cost me as much as $12 dollars, sometimes more. I miss drive-in movies and I wish there were more of them around. I know the one I used to go to in Greenwood is still in business and is actually doing relatively good. It is called 25 Drive In. Movies have always been one of my favorite activity, and I can’t wait until the next time I get to go!



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